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Stalled or broken down cars

The repatriation and transport of stalled or damaged cars requires considerable expertise to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. Thanks to its 40 years of experience, drivers working in a well-balanced environment, and vehicles adapted to the job, Annatrans / Widego offers you the best service on the market when it comes to the transport of stalled or damaged cars.

Transporting stalled, broken down or damaged cars in full safety

A car that breaks down abroad? Or a major accident? Annatrans / Widego comes to the rescue! We’ll handle the transport of any stalled or damaged car, anywhere in Europe. Our many years of experience and our fleet of towing vehicles allow us to successfully carry out our missions. Better still: we can also ensure the transfer of victims when transporting a stalled or damaged car, thanks to two eight-seat vans equipped with a coupling. With this equipment, we can even transport a trailer, a caravan or a camper van! Would you like to transport several stalled or damaged cars? No problem for us: thanks to our different vehicles, we can answer all your requests.

Need some help for stalled, broken down or damaged car transportation? Contact us. We’re ready to meet your requests.

Examples of stalled, broken down or damaged car transportation


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